Berlin - Strings Attached - Limited Edition Special Box Set - 4 x CDs, 1 x CD Single & Signed Postcard

'Strings Attached' features brand new recordings of the bands classic hits augmented with a Philharmonic Orchestra. Special new versions of the bands number 1 global smash 'Take My Breath Away' are included as well as 11 other tracks which highlight the career of iconic 80s synth band.

Alongside the CD release of 'Strings Attached' there is also an Exclusive Deluxe Edition CD box set which you can only buy direct from this website. Over 50 brand new recordings. This will not be available to buy in stores and is only available in limited numbers.

The Deluxe Edition Box Set features :
- CD1: The main album CD
- CD2: Orchestral and vocal only versions
- CD3: Pure orchestral versions
- CD4: Remixes and bonus / alternate versions.
- CD Single: 'Now Its My Turn' - The lead single from the album with 6 versions.
- 'Strings Attached' double sided postcard hand signed by Terri Nunn,John Crawford and Dave Diamond.

* Due to the current movement restrictions in place around the World shipping of all orders may be subject to delays. We will ship on 21st November. All orders will also receive download of the album on release day, 27th November.

Rick Springfield - Orchestrating My Life - Limited Edition Special Box Set - 4 x CDs & Signed Postcard

The Australian rocker returns with his 17th studio album. This limited edition, special box set consists of 1) The main 'Orchestrating My Life' CD album (newly recorded Orchestral versions of a lifetime of hits and one new song), 2) Instrumental versions CD, 3) Orchestra Only versions CD, 4) In Conversation where Rick tells you himself, the story behind each song. Also included in this lite version of the box set is a postcard signed by Rick Springfield.

We will ship from our New York or London office. CDs 2,3 and 4 will never be available in stores and are only available direct. CD 1, the main album is available in all stores on general release day April 26th.

Cutting Crew - Ransomed Healed Restored Forgiven - Limited Edition LP

Cutting Crew's fantastic "Ransomed Healed Restored Forgiven" Orchestral album is now available in gorgeous 12"
vinyl format. This super Limited Edition LP is available exclusively from the August Day & Cutting Crew websites, and once they've gone they won't be re-pressed. Order quickly as there are only 300 copies in existence!

The 10 track LP comes with a bonus CD "Ransomed Healed Restored Forgiven (The Collectors Addendum)" featuring alternate unreleased versions from the album.

A Flock Of Seagulls - ASCENSION Limited Edition Special Set - 5 x CDs, 4 x Original Signatures, 4 x Postcards, Stickers

All Four original members re-united for the first time since 1984. The limited-edition, special set consists of 1) the Ascension CD album (Orchestral Versions of the bands hits), 2) Ascension Instrumental CD, 3) Ascension Orcapella CD, 4) Aurora Borealis CD (new recordings of their classic hits) 5) CD Single of Space Age Love Song, band stickers and personally signed postcards from the band members.

We are down to the last few boxes of this Boxset. We ship from our New York or London office. CDs 2,3 and 4 will never be available in stores and are only available direct.