Rick Springfield - Orchestrating My Life - Limited Edition Special Box Set - 4 x CDs & Signed Postcard

The Australian rocker returns with his 17th studio album. This limited edition, special box set consists of 1) The main 'Orchestrating My Life' CD album (newly recorded Orchestral versions of a lifetime of hits and one new song), 2) Instrumental versions CD, 3) Orchestra Only versions CD, 4) In Conversation where Rick tells you himself, the story behind each song. Also included in this lite version of the box set is a postcard signed by Rick Springfield.

We will ship from our New York or London office. CDs 2,3 and 4 will never be available in stores and are only available direct. CD 1, the main album is available in all stores on general release day April 26th. Phone orders US +1 (331) 684 7233 or UK +44 (0)20 3318 0912

Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days (Orchestral Version)

Wang Chung, one of the defining bands of the 80s who conquered by the UK and US charts, return with their original key protagonists, Jack Hues and Nick Feldman. Having become a staple of movie, TV and game soundtracks over the years, they are releasing an orchestra-boosted version of their seminal track, Dance Hall Days, the first release from a whole album the duo have recorded revisiting their pivotal songs with a full orchestra. As well as satiating the appetite for their legion of fans from back in the day, they are also introducing themselves to a brand-new audience who will have heard them featured across popular culture, from their breakout soundtrack to William Friedkin's "To Live & Die in LA", to "Breakfast Club", "Sex and the City", "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City"; "Breaking Bad" to Rick Grimes' final scene in "Walking Dead".

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A Flock Of Seagulls - All Four Original Members on Record for the first time since 1984

A big welcome to A Flock Of Seagulls. All four original members; Mike Score, Ali Score, Paul Reynolds and Frank Maudsley, performing for the first time since 1984 on their 'Ascension' album.

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