Our Music

Catalog Number Artist Release Name Year
ADAY025 Visage Darkness To Diamond 2016
ADAY024 Visage Frequency 7 2015
ADAY023 Visage Demons To Diamonds 2015
ADAY022 Ecce Marginalia 2015
ADAY021 Visage Orchestral 2014
ADAY020 Visage Fade To Grey (Orchestral) 2014
ADAY019 Ecce Decades 2015
ADAY018 Thomas Lang Torch 2014
ADAY017 The Robot Ninjas Permission To Land 2012
ADAY016 Justus Kohncke Spiralen Der Erinnerung 2011
ADAY014 Thomas Lang Versions 2010
ADAY013 Thomas Lang Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 2010
ADAY012 Thomas Lang The Lost Letter Z 1991
ADAY011 Thomas Lang Feels So Right 2010
ADAY010 Thomas Lang Live In Tokyo 2010
ADAY009 Ecce Heat 2010
ADAY008 Ecce December Somewhere 2009
ADAY007 Sunharbour A Spark EP 2010
ADAY006 Ecce The Control EP 2008
ADAY005 George Demure Sorrow 2008
ADAY004 Archangel How To Lose Your Best Friend 2008
ADAY003 George Demure Boomtown Medallion 2006
ADAY002 George Demure My Babys Gone 2007
ADAY001 Thomas Lang August Day 2011