Our Story

August Day is a UK based record label that releases music it loves by artists it loves. We started in 2007 in London. It was slow at first, the odd 7" here and there but it was always fun working with cool up and coming London artists such as Ecce, Sunharbour, Archangel & George Demure.

In 2010 we asked one of the most amazing singers we know - Thomas Lang - to record a song with us. To our amazement he said 'yes'. We suggested a Hall and Oates album gem called 'August Day'. Coincidence?..... maybe. We gave the record the ADAY001 catalog number and another milestone was reached. Name, Song, Artist, Title... Check. All Systems Go.

In 2011 we met the main members of Visage and after long and difficult process of remaking the record three times over and selling everything including the kitchen sink to pay for it 'Hearts & Knives' was released in 2013. The response to the album was astounding, loved by fans and critics alike it sold well, and then sold some more. After buying the kitchen sink back we made two more Visage albums before the immensely sad and untimely death of Steve Strange in early 2015. With heavy hearts we then took a long break.

Inspired by our new wave 80s foray, in 2017 we approached A Flock Of Seagulls and posed the ridiculous notion of getting all four original members to record together again. The last time this had happened was 1984 and 'yes' it was crazy idea. At this point, we had owned a kitchen sink for far too long and once again we decided to sell it (along with everything else) to pay for some long intense sessions with the 50 piece Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. The Flock reside all over the world and after a lot of flights and jiggery-pokery the 12 track ' Ascension' album somehow appeared at the end of a hard working but fun experience.

In 2018 we jumped on the plane to New York and set up our US office. After a few too many trips to LA we started hanging out with some American artists we loved. Australian rocker Rick Springfield joined the party as did LA-synth-rockers Berlin. Candi Statton for a song too. Back in the UK in 2019 we also began a project with Wang Chung. Jack and Nick, two super cool, musical and talented guys to work with.

2020 brought us the pandemic and some amazing studio times with Nick and Gareth from Cutting Crew. The record was scheduled for April, rather than rescheduling we powered on through and released a record we were all proud of during peak lockdown. 2020 also saw us complete many projects including one we had started with Berlin. Stay tuned.
Marc, Richard and Chas